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Bloosom+Dexter=Love by AnixPawl
My Newest Invention by Skeleion
Reaction to picture day episode by LuigiandAmyfan
Drax and Berserk by MetroXLR
Happy valentine- bleedman-club by cuttieartgirl
B+D Thanksgiving by BlossomWolf
Dexter and Blossom 10 by macaustar
Playing in the snow by voltictail
Normal Days and School days
Dexter and Blossom in YHKCC 2 by pokediged
science project....? by InDoPOweRzz10
studying with Dexter Blossom by Coffgirl
Dexter's guardian angel by Eclipse02
PPGD: Aftermath pg.12 by Eclipse02
PPGD: Aftermath pg.11 by Eclipse02
PPGD: Aftermath pg.10 by Eclipse02
PPGD: Aftermath pg.9 by Eclipse02
Just Dexter
Casual Dexter from Dexter's Lab by AceAssassin123
Toxic graffiti by NR83
What Happened at My Dexlabs? by HikariShiroiongaku
Just Blossom
Blossom by QuackingMoron
blossom by kerenitychan
Blossom cute! by Marina-studios
Next Gen OC
Im from the future by Finni-NF
Didi, Dexter and Blossom's Daughter by MetroXLR
Didi Utonium, Daughter of Blossom and Dexter by MetroXLR
Dexter X Blossom's Daughters by HikariShiroiongaku

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we oner the couple Blossom X Dexter from the comic PPGD.
Founded 9 Years ago
Oct 20, 2008


557 Members
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Whats Wrong With The PPG?part3
part 3! Its been a while so why not. Im only elen so i cant spell that well. Im in 5th grade,not sixth. My birthday is the first of october so i didnt make the mark.
"You girls are ok!" yelled the profeser when the 6 pint size kids fly through the door. he ran toward his 3 daughters. "Cool it pops! we're fine. Even the.. the.." Bubbles said trying to remember. Buttercup whispered something to Bubbles. "Rowdypuff Boys," Bubbles finished. "You mean 'Rowdyruff'?" Butch corrected her. "Uh.. Ya that," Bubbles said. Blossom nudged her. Bubbles looked at the ground. "Well, its getting late. why dont you six head up to bed. "Got it,' said all three rowdyruffs. "You cant tell..." Blossom started but Bubbles nudged her wich made her stop. the powerpuffs followed the rowdyruffs.
One week later
It was a friday, the day school repo
:iconpoweredbuttercup1011:PoweredButtercup1011 30 8
BL by BlossomPPGD BL :iconblossomppgd:BlossomPPGD 10 20 Blossom PPG by BlossomPPGD Blossom PPG :iconblossomppgd:BlossomPPGD 8 7 Blossom PPGD by BlossomPPGD Blossom PPGD :iconblossomppgd:BlossomPPGD 6 0 Florzinha :3 by BlossomPPGD Florzinha :3 :iconblossomppgd:BlossomPPGD 7 11 Blossom Happy by BlossomPPGD Blossom Happy :iconblossomppgd:BlossomPPGD 13 20 PPGD by BlossomPPGD PPGD :iconblossomppgd:BlossomPPGD 237 29 Dexter by BlossomPPGD Dexter :iconblossomppgd:BlossomPPGD 258 38 Bim by bleedman Bim :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,063 156 Blossom by PoweredButtercup1011 Blossom :iconpoweredbuttercup1011:PoweredButtercup1011 0 0 Hug Pashmina doll by macaustar Hug Pashmina doll :iconmacaustar:macaustar 8 4 10,000 hits by Eclipse02 10,000 hits :iconeclipse02:Eclipse02 28 20 Cute couple by MrFroggie Cute couple :iconmrfroggie:MrFroggie 88 17 Aria by bleedman Aria :iconbleedman:bleedman 3,367 263 Mekel and Iris by bleedman Mekel and Iris :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,696 194 PPGD: Recovery part 1 pg7 by Eclipse02 PPGD: Recovery part 1 pg7 :iconeclipse02:Eclipse02 104 22
HELLO my fellow deviants as some of you may know this is the founder speaking.First of all I want to welcome of new group members to our group.And second of all I want to tell all there group members to the new rules of the group that I spoke about with our co-founder :iconeclipse02:

1.(and most impotent)No perverted, horny, censored, violence, mature thing, and all of the above like that are prohibited.The person who request me to put something in our gallery like that will have to dell with me.The founder!

2.You are limited to post 5 deviations to this group per day.

3.In a contest, you may only post new deviations as entries and nothing else you've made before. Oh and we'll know.

4.(is not a rule, just telling you)People there is a
"join this group" tab right at top of the page no need to ask if you can join.

5.That's all!

Ok now everyone I have an announcement to make.We're going to have a summer contest everyone.An't that awesome?And we have prizes!

This is a Summer theme contest, so we want to see Blossom&Dexter doing some kind of summer activity. Use your creative idea's or use your own summer activities or vocations for ideas.

The prize for our first(1) place winer will be one to two commissions from :iconeclipse02: and a animated blossomxdexter icon form me with your name on it.

The prize for the runner-up will be a animated blossomxdexter icon and two llamas

And the rules are those that were said up there! ^^^^
Just one thing you guys ,have fun!Oh and the time limit for this contest is till august 12~!
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mogeko123yf Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I want a taco. I'm home! 
DoraSucks Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Professional Artist
what about boomer x toon link
Raddasuper Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for adding the color version to the gallery
Raddasuper Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the add in the gallery
fluterdash12 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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deathscythe96 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
hey did someone knows about the anime Ufo baby(Daa Daa Daa) its onlie me or did they look like Blossom and Dexter
HikariShiroiongaku Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Those who are REAL FANS of the ships that they like, they never ruin the ships that hate.
Except for the weeaboos that they will ruin the ships that they hate.

PS. I'm just want us, Dexter X Blossom shippers calm down if you are ruined by the PPGs weeaboos. ^w^
NeoSoul07 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013

I have a question

From witch page did you get the picture where blosson and dexter are flying in the night?
You know, the picture that u use for your avatar(Fan Fic Dude 100% Ready)
It was edited for contest from the blossomxdexterfanclub in 2010
I am talking about a picture that looks like this        (But with better resolution)…

NeoSoul07 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013

I FOUND IT My :la: is a square-FREE ICON :happybounce: My :la: is a square-FREE ICON :happybounce: My :la: is a square-FREE ICON :happybounce:…


:yeehaw: :powerup: 

superchoveka Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
NeoSoul07 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
Dexter does not love holga only feels guilty, for the humillation that dexter did to mandark, but holga loves dexter.
The kiss between Dexter and Holga technically never happened, because this is after the pump is activated, but the pump was not activated yet because blossom cut the power, and obviously the bomb did not explode by the logic of  "Deux Ex Machina" (The protagonist wins, everyone happy in the end, The antagonist explains his past and his plan)
After dexter lost his sister, he realized he does not want to hurt or lose any friends as seen here…

Also dexter kiss only to calm and help holga, controlling his own emotions
ppg.snafu-comics.comSubmit Comment/index.php?comic_id=282

Dexter and holga are only friendsHandshake…

Blossom and Dexter are in love Glomp! Date……

All links are to the official comics Snafu

And finally ..........…
superchoveka Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
i thought blossom and dexter we just friends
superchoveka Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
lol okay
powerpuffFireball Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
another junk group. :iconblossomfacepalmplz:
HappyBoomerForever Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Student Artist
I agree
superchoveka Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013
 shut up
babypeachblossom Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
i'm sorry but this club makes no sense. Dexter is 2 times Blossom's age. read it on a Dexter wikipedia.
NeoSoul07 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
And you didnt get all the information; because dexter make some cameos in the school of blonsson impliying that have the same age, but powerpuff girls tells thehystory of blossom when she was 5 years old and dexter lab tells tells the hisrory of dexter when he was 10 years old
Another prove is the justice friends that apper in both series

Same universe 
same age 
Same ideology(and color of hair)

So why not

I recomend powerpuff girls D from snafu comics
MarioLuigi25 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
It's called fandom. People are allowed to support whatever they like and I personally think that Dexter and Blossom would make a great couple. Besides, wikipedia isn't always right and anybody can go on there and post anything.
cheychey100 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Student Writer
and plus two times the age dosent really matter
Kersey475 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
I would love to see a picture of child Blossom and child Dexter playing chess with Blossom saying "Checkmate." and Dexter replying "Best 22 out of 43!"

Not only would it be a funny and cute picture, but I think it's what actually would happen if the two played chess as the game requires strategy and patience and while Dexter is definitely more book-smart, he can be impulsive and egotistical and relies on his gadgets and computer, while Blossom has more hands-on experience leading her sisters on the front lines.
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